Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh my God! Oh my God, you guys!

Legally Blonde the Musical. Amazing.

Enough said.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Fashion RED Alert!

Ok, so I am all about fads and trends...and I do my best to be open-minded but this one is a bit much for me. Not only would I look like a child in floral tights but my thunder thighs would look explosive, making me look 20 lbs heavier. Kudos to those who can pull this look off.


My bags are packed. I'm ready to go...

I may not be leaving on a jetplane, but my Ford Escort will do the trick! I am making the big move to the city on the Sunday! I have worked my butt off all week cleaning, packing and squeezing in every second of my friends that I can. So in T-minus 2 days my new life begins. Wish me luck!


P.S. Last day of crap job! Yippeee!

P.P.S. Wouldn't it be cool if I had some vintage luggage like this!? It would make the move so much more dramatic with my pile of suitcases on the sidewalk.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


"Suddenly your career is rising and your accounts seem to be in order—or at least you’re a big step closer to this goal. What works for you now is doing it in a way that others wish they had thought of first. Colleagues are contentious around the lunar eclipse, and a power struggle may be inevitable. A summer romance will put everything in focus."

Looks like things are lookin up for me this summer! New job, new place, new life. I just have to get through the next week of packing hell.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Daddy's Girl

I am definitely a daddy's girl and I am proud of it! My dad and I like hanging out, discussing recipes and tv shows, and playing scrabble. He loves my boyfriend AF and I make sure to talk to him at least once a day. That is why I am trying to think of the perfect present for father's day. The only lack of funds. I found these super cheesy shorts that you can customize with your own pictures. I think my dad would love them, but on my budget it's just not going to happen. So what do you get the best dad with zero dollars? Who knows!? You tell me.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Congrats sissy!

Congratulations to my sis LP for graduating from college yesterday! Way to go champ!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things I need for summer...

BCBG MAX AZRIA patterned maxi. Due to my lack of funds obviously I can't afford this one...but show me a cheap patterned maxi with sleeves and I'm sure I could scrounge up a few bones!

A high waisted, strapless bikini. Maybe not this one inparticular...but I like the throwback that this looks gives.

A new pair of work heels. I am looking more for comfort than cool for everyday-wear.

A delicious new tote for work!